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Monday, March 23, 2015

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn

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Ben Ehimen IYOHA would like to stay in touch on LinkedIn.
Ben Ehimen IYOHA
Ben Ehimen IYOHA
Web Content/Digital Marketing Executive at CoolTV, WazobiaTV, Cool, NigeriaInfo & Wazobia FM
I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
- Ben
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Central Bank of Nigeria unveils the first digital N100 paper note

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To commemorate Nigeria's Centenary.
The new note was unveiled at the Federal Executive Council, FEC, meeting, in a presentation by the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

The new note which has features for the visually impaired will be officially issued into circulation on Friday December 19, 2014.

Explaining the features he said on the front side of the note is a public authentication features, window micro-optics, showing the national flag and numeral100 indicating the value of the denomination and the attainment of the centenary period.
This is how the new N100 note look from behind.

The second is a spark feature of a rolling manilla bar which was the instrument used during the slave trade era. A portrait of Chief Obafemi Awolowo is retained both in the ink, that is the interglow level, as a portrait and also in a paper as a shadow image.
"We made provision on the front for the visually impaired individuals in our midst by having a raised and embossed line," he said.

At the back side, the CBN introduced a feature called Quick Response Code, QRC. It is a feature that highlights and sources all the information about the centenary.
"This makes the note the first digital banknote in the world," he said.

The QRC is an application found on the smart phone or Ipad. Once the barcode on the back of the note is scanned it shows the President's face and then comes up with all information on Nigeria's history.
President Goodluck Jonathan thanked the CBN for unveiling the note.

The Coordinating Minister of Economy and minister of finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, said introducing the note was a smart move and the feature of the QRC is educative. But she went on to ask how much it will cost to print the notes.

The President said this will be discussed when the memo is presented.

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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Ads Targeted To People Within A Mile Of Your Business!

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Have you ever bothered about spending on facebook ads and feeling bitter that your ad should actually or firstly reach your local populace?

You need chill.... Facebook has something for you!

Facebook's mobile ubiquity and push for always-on location sharing came to fruition with the launch of "hyper-local advertising" that could convince people to visit stores they're nearby.

Soon, businesses will be able to target ads to anyone who lives or was recently within a specific distance of their store. Advertisers can set a radius as small as a mile and the ads will show up on people's phones or web browsers.

These new Local Awareness ads will be available for US business owners in a few weeks, and around the globe in the next several months.

For Nigerian businesses this is a landmark social advertising advantage for SME's and Startups who would love to add some impetus and drive to sales and awareness.

For Micro-finance banks, cottage businesses and even churches this platform heralds a new electronic way of selling your brand specifically to a local populace whom should be the primary sales target.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lagos Hosts The Maiden Edition of the Social Media Awards Africa!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 0 Comments

The Social Media Awards Africa (SMAA) is created to recognise and celebrate excellence and creativity in the use of social media tools and platforms by individuals and organisations.

With 4 major categories and 15 awards, the SMAA is a genuine, timely intervention for promoting distinctive creativity, peerless innovation and pervasive developments on the African continent through the best use of social media platforms and the rest of the social web.

As the second-fastest growing continent in the world, Africa's development is networked with its ability to tap into the technological revolution of the 21st century. More than 700 million Africans have mobile phones, over 170 million have access to the internet and over 110 million are on Facebook while the continent's twitter timeline is ever in restive motion.

This reality of an emerging social continent is what the SMAA stands to celebrate in order to deepen and broaden the sustainable continental developments.

The SMAA is organised by Development Diaries Ltd/GTE with institutional support from leading social media professionals, international agencies and media conglomerates across Africa.

Awardees will receive $1,000 USD cash prize, the prestigious SMAA plaque, outstanding recognition and global exposure, access to thought leaders and opportunities for self-development as well as other institutional benefits like training and internship.


How can I attend the SMAA?

Attending the SMAA event is pretty easy, although only 300 spaces will be available at the live event, more than 10 million people can attend the 2014 SMAA virtually via #SMAA2014. Event registration details will be made available on the website in due course.

Social Media Awards Winners will be announced at "The Night of Virtual Wonders" 6th of December, Lagos, Nigeria!


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Social Media Week 2015 Is Here, Entries Are Now Open!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - 0 Comments

February 23rd to 27th 2015 will berth another interesting week in Africa and Lagos once again is the base for the show were the inspired will get even more inspired and the innovators will have themselves a unique space to share unusual ideas, have valuable discussions and meander on prospects on a range of issues.

The year 2015 comes the third edition of the Social Media Week Lagos, a resource oriented conference open to everyone and anyone who seek the best ideas, trend and insight in many spheres of life.

Entries are now open to speakers, volunteers and curators who intend to participate in the 2015 edition of the Social Media Week Lagos. I can bet that the coming edition will raise the bars astronomically.

So what are you waiting for... Log onto
and get involved in the social party,
join the techies, geeks, innovator, motivators, influencers and the talented
as Lagos take on the world by storm.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Nigeria, let's rewind to the yahoo style chatroom... With Facebook Rooms!

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Facebook on Thursday introduced a mobile chat application called Rooms that allows users to operate under chosen identities.

Facebook Rooms App Allows Any Identity
An email address is all that's required to create a user account.

Rooms was inspired by early forms of online interaction, says Facebook product manager Josh Miller, in a blog post. The goal of the app, he suggests, is to capture the spirit of early Web communities, of forums, message boards, and chat rooms where common interests and conversational contributions mattered more than concrete identities.

The app, available only for iOS devices at the moment, allows users to create chat rooms that provide a feed of photos, text, and videos based on a user-determined topic. An email address is all that's required. Users can share room invitations using online channels or QR codes printed on paper. They can also restrict access to rooms by age and ban room visitors by nickname.

Miller says room creators can control the look of the room as well as the topic. But most significantly, they can control how they're identified. "One of the things our team loves most about the Internet is its potential to let us be whoever we want to be," Miller says. "...That's why in Rooms you can be 'Wonder Woman' – or whatever name makes you feel most comfortable and proud."

Hello Nigeria... I can't wait to catch you all in this retro chat style... Remember the yahoo rooms!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zuckerberg' Woo's Chinese, His Mandarin gets him mixed reviews!

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's attempt to woo a Chinese audience by speaking Mandarin has had mixed reviews from Chinese speakers.

News outlet Quartz described his 30-minute chat as making him sound "like someone was stepping on his face".

Others were kinder. "This CEO is so cool, I want to cry," wrote one.

Fellow chief executive - Apple's Tim Cook - was also in China, questioning officials about an alleged hack of its iCloud service.
Articulate seven-year-old Mr Zuckerberg was in Beijing as a newly appointed member of the advisory board for Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.

As part of that role, he met students for a 30-minute chat, which he conducted in Mandarin.

There was plenty of reaction to his attempts to communicate in Chinese.

One blogger wrote:

"It's hard to describe in English what Zuckerberg's Mandarin sounded like but I'd put it roughly at the level of someone who studied for two years in college, which means he can communicate like an articulate seven-year-old with a mouth full of marbles."

Others commented: "Oh my god... this is terrible... but apart from the tones, he seems to have learnt the vocabulary and grammar pretty well."

One tonal slip-up led Mr Zuckerberg to claim that Facebook had just 11 mobile users instead of one billion.

While most agreed that his pronunciation was far from fluent, most were also impressed that he had attempted it at all.
Mr Zuckerberg, who is married to Chinese-American Priscilla Chan, set himself the goal of learning Mandarin in 2010, in part so that he could communicate with his Chinese relatives.

But Facebook as a company is also keen to improve relationships with China. There is currently a ban on the use of the social media site, which dates back to 2009.
There was no explicit chat about the ban and Mr Zuckerberg described China as a "great country".

"The Chinese language is difficult, and I speak English, but I like challenges," he said.

iCloud hack

On Facebook's future in the country, he was diplomatic: "We are already in China. We help Chinese companies gain customers abroad. We want to help the rest of the world connect to China," he said.

Fellow chief executive Tim Cook is also in China and will attend a meeting at Beijing's Tsinghua University with Mr Zuckerberg later in the week.

Meanwhile he has had talks with the vice premier of China to discuss protecting user data in the wake of recent alleged hack attacks targeting iCloud users.

The attacks were revealed by Chinese activist group, which accused the Chinese government of being involved.
iCloud user data was collected by creating a spoof website.

Mr Cook also used the trip to China to visit Foxconn's iPhone factory and said that the company would open 25 retail stores in China in the next two years.

Apple currently earns about 15% of its revenue in China.

Culled from BBC News

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


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Time, For all who have it will sure loose it
Tell the moment he has only a second to prove it... Just as the rose know' when to express, the "queen of the night" arose at her perfect dusk to impress!

The people are hungry... Tell the farmer, Tell the transformer his agenda must waste no time. Tell the market woman, tell the stock market man, tell them the sun has risen, HAY! they must make.

Time is never born but with time we were born... We were born into this time, a time we no longer bond, a time we are banned by boundaries, one which only time can ban.

Oh brother! Sombre not of the way's the wicked and greedy have toiled you, did time not tell you about "Vanity"? The echelon of regret was born on the night vanity came back after a long journey!

Upon the precipitate of knowledge, time is the distance within all things, time will never stop even if you stop. Will time tell when it's time to tell? And NO!, time never gives you the chance, Only God!

Have a splendid day!

- June Is For Loving You -

Ben Iyoha

It's Sunday, it's June & sweet is the tune of it's first day... Hope is like magic when it's bold & life becomes crystal as I think of the old. Only If you're in tune then you are many times in the wonder I imagined.

I've found a perfect ground, one over which I can kneel just to say a word to the creator, to him I must give thanks for a month so new and for my woman a kind so few.

Hit me, Hate me, Hurt me...
It makes it sweet, sour & sexy.
But could we take love to the max,
even without a climax?

So I couldn't find it less daunting, because I've come to truth that loving you in june wasn't an option but my true intention...

Like the game of Monopoly a good player puts his stakes where it matters...
That's LOVE!

Like Chess, after the game the king and pawn all end in the same sack...
That's LIFE!

TRENCH TOWN(My True Life Experience)


Ben Iyoha

By now I'd travelled many miles and still a few more until I'll be in Trench. So much for the hysteria, I couldn't wait to slip into this beautiful town for a first sleep. No one exactly can discern what this town means to me and how I'd thought so deep and waited so long to enter into her. I can't assume I'm in the know of what it holds for me, all I see is this altruistic soul of mine yarning.


This was the future, let's go to the past.


It was my first year in university; my demeanor was not farfetched from that of a typical freshman. I've heard quite a lot about losing one's mind, being frail and naïve in the first few weeks. Perhaps, I'd quickly learnt like every other fresher to be part of campus activities excluding cultism; after all, we all want to be part of what makes the campus vibrant. This exuberance usually comes with some academic encumbrance and this is essentially why it's a university, and we absolutely need to pass through it all.


My desire to journey to Trench I tried to quench, the more I tried the more it oozed like a stench. Soon as everyone began to bond, a feeling of lag beclouded; I had no sobriquet for my lax. Hence the journey began. On the day I hit the road, it was a very happy day. I'd anticipated nothing but as the saying goes "every day is pregnant of something'' it appeared that something was Trench and the pregnancy was the journey.


I'd been at the campus chapel all day; it was the National Federation of Catholic Students cultural day and after a hectic but interesting day it was time to call it quit. Just as everyone set off the chapel's postern I sighted this tall and slim girl with a figure eight to die for as she walked alone, she had been part of the event; I knew because I saw her face a couple of times earlier. It was a long walk from the chapel to the campus gate so I paced up to her.


"Hello Miss'' I echoed with a cynic swag, and she replied with a drab "Hi'', immediately I asked "Why are you walking alone?" Her response was very believable because at this time I could see how writhed she was "I had to leave without my friends because I'm ill, it started with a mild headache and now I'm feverish'' "Oh sorry'' I replied and then cunningly intoned "How about I walk you off to the gate" she immediately mustered a beckoning smile "I will be glad if you can". Hence, it was a jolly chat all the way.  Soon that once writhed face was now laced with smiles, and I completely felt like an antibiotic, one who's eureka came in the midst of a massive epidemic.

Her name is Maria (real name withheld), she was the one on who's account i visited Trench for the first time, and just like me she's also a freshman at another south-western University, they had been on strike and so she had come to our event on the account of her parish priest who was our local chaplain. At the gate where we had to say our goodbyes after exchanging numbers she gave me a sizzling smile. I'd heard and read about love at first sight but on this day I saw it in her cherry eyes.


Not too long I hit my lodge, my phone rang, to my consternation it was Maria… "Hello cherry" I yelled with a pseudo-tone, I could almost sense the excitement in her voice as she responded "Hi Ehis" calling a short form of my native name I'd told her in our chat. "You won't believe I haven't taken any drug and I'm feeling good again" she added. I dint fail to immediately cease the sensation with some bragging "Wouldn't you thank me for being your trusted drug". As the days went by we began to exchange more calls, text messages and even had her visit me openly on campus a couple of time at my behest.


We grew fonder with each passing day until I asked for the first time if she wouldn't mind visiting me at my off campus lodge. She sought to think about my request but I knew she was only playing the not-a-cheap-girl-card because she had let all guards down prior my request. Two days later she sent me a text stating that she'd finally made up her mind and she'll be coming over that weekend after the Sundays mass… I jumped with euphoria; for the first time I'll have a live chick to myself all alone in the room.


So finally I am having a clear chance to visit the much talked about and most anticipated town that all men seek. For a young boy that I was it was a rhapsody I'd only envisaged during my wet dreams. Did I know I'll come this soon? I was only 18 and it was the official age of consent, she was 19 and was more exposed than I was…so I found out.


It was D-day, I waited unwearyingly for her arrival; soon she walked in looking devilishly prima. I can't forget how indelible this moment was. I didn't worry about a possible denial because we had an accord during our prior conversations to let everything loose on our first real time together. I'd love to fire up the ambience into a romantic one but these were the days of Alcatel, Trium and Motorola phones; these phones have no defined multimedia capabilities and trust NEPA to make it permanently worse.


After we'd chatted for close to about 20 minutes; hence more quiet moments ensued. At this time I could feel my Bob get hard on me, so then I asked her to share some of her malt drink with me. She stretched forth her glass, I retorted; "I'll rather have them from your mouth'' she sighs with an ire of surprise… immediately I drew closer, my adrenaline now pumping above usual. I grabbed the glass of drink and got some of the liquor into her mandibles and made for her lips.


Now the glass was forgotten as we passionately made for each other's lips; locked and intertwined as we bonded in a feisty passion. I've got no real time experience in handling a woman but I'd gathered little knowledge from seldom boys-talk. My inertia was soon brought to fur as I never gave attention to her body, I didn't attempt some massages, smooches and generally did not bother about working her out. We had no proper foreplay.


Hence, I'd driven my hands downwards freeing up the lone button and zip from whence Trench was now so visible, she had made little or no resistance and so I quickly got both of us utter stark. The view was glorious; everything that surrounded Trench gave me a spark. With no rubbers available and at a time in history were HIV was a real killer, I moved in on trench with gusto, as I approached, I could hear my heart beat loud like a Chinese gong.


Now at the entrance of Trench, all eyes closed… it was eureka moment. In Trench, there's neither winter nor Harmattan it's always summer so I realized as soon as I got in. Warm and silky was it as I made a push further, at this point I could feel the revelry; the rhapsody so much that I prayed it lasted a lifetime. But just then, after the second push I spurted and fell flat like a pack of wasted card.


Now back to the future!


After all, this experience early on in life made me realize Trench was the city of gamble. Like Las Vegas, when there you either win or lose, but whichever the case may be you always want to come back for another gamble, pretty why we are entrenched in Trench. This was my first visit to gamble land, a city that inspires the world, because it thrives on your desire, for you'll always want to come back.


Maria and I went on to be together for another six months until distance and negligence naturally made us part ways.



You could also share your first visit to Trench with me… Tchuss!


​Ben Iyoha


For many who may be bewildered by the expression "coitus hiatus" it literarily means "sex break". I conjoined these independent Latin words to make some English cum social sense. The term 'Coitus' could means to mate or to have sex and the term 'Hiatus' means break or pause. But this should not just be seen as an expression; it's a perceived situation that perhaps ushers in the wreck of a relationship or marriage, I call it the "Precursor of woe". For someone like me who have experienced this phase of need and thorough washout I can attest to how throbbing and psychologically maligned it could be.


As a veteran, this was a livid battle in my numerous wars of love and it was one battle I hoped i conquered, though I learnt greatly.  What makes coitus-hiatus dynamic is the realization that sex had at some time been an integral part of the affair until 'the after-life' a time where it seizes to be no more. More painful is if you are left to wonder WHY. Why because she acts cool and nice and she never wants to tell you WHY she's taking the hiatus.


The irony may not be farfetched, it was never bargained neither was it foreknown that things would end up in this direction and worse is not knowing what to do and where to turn to. I once had this neighbor who frequently raged because his wife decided to go the hiatus route. The pills were too bitter for him to swallow and because he couldn't just swallow hence the frequent outburst that ushered a free for all brouhaha which I then savored until I made it into his shoes, then I seized to love the drama; instead I took a huge lesson off it.





Cherries over Berries – Envisage you are a berry and She use to have you suddenly she stumbled upon cherries and found a new great deal of fun, satisfaction and sweetness. The more she went for those cherries the more she's likely to seek and get snarled on them and the consequence is that berry becomes longstanding and obsolete.


This is rather the most painful reason why your girl should go coitus-hiatus on you. Women could switch off the embers of their innate and sensual desires for you when they find a new and charming gem. Note: Not every woman can keep multiple or bi partners sexually and most sane women don't, so one have to be paused for the other and sorry if it has to be you.


A pituitary spill– Suddenly I frequently found myself asking questions on why she's gone hiatus? In your case, when you do ask, read her body language and take note of how she responds. In my case I was privy to the judgment that her mom has no liking for me and same mom appears to be her precious confidant I immediately knew her hiatus was incensed by her mom once she start to talk about family values, being careful and not disappointing her family.


John Gray in his book "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" asserted that common relationship snags within a man and a woman are as a result of fundamental psychological differences between the genders. Psychologically, men easily respond to what they see while women respond more to what they hear. When this happens her hormones start to shut down knowing well that a woman's psychology, hormone and physical engagements are strongly wired together in a wholly trinity.


There goes Kermit – Kermit the frog usually will be regarded as one of the most sought after character out of the 80's cartoon "Muppet Babies" but recently the Kermit character on social media  has been the subject of a wild joke or rather a sarcastic character. This essentially is an example found mostly in marriages but not limited solely to it. When you live below expectation a woman instantaneously know mentally or physically.


Have things been slow with your finances, have you betrayed her trust or have cheated and she knows, did you keep a deep and long lasting lie that is now revealed, have you a multiple personality or life style, have you promised and failed her many times, did your character suddenly change out of pressure or you are simply now less attractive as an individual. If so, you are Kermit and she won't take you seriously because the view she previously had of you had changed. Take NOTE: for every sex a woman has there's a reason; it's either for bonding, pleasure, procreation or money; if all these purpose aren't clear to her she'll go hiatus on you.


Finally, women speak a universal language, sometimes when you consider their deeds and modus operandi it thus have a global touch. There's no idiosyncratic manual to understand perfectly how a woman is internally structured you can only try to make her suit you and if she doesn't… Please learn to take the femme hiatus.


Ben Iyoha


So you thought… So you believed it was the only best feeling! You had no rules, you gave too much and you dived too deep, so much that you imagined. Your soul was a world of dreams, dreams painted, dreams that you can swear you saw came to past.


You held up your nerves so you can keep those solemn words, It breaks you so hard when you miss certain portions of your vow… You spent your life lost in this sweet surrender. Nothing simply makes perfect sense without thisstarthat makes you smile.


You risk all that's inside in exchange of a beautiful pebble, Lo; all of which was just a bubble. And when it bursts, you try to crystalize all that is left hoping it'll solidify. Every flesh of you, you squeezed… you questioned life and yourself you quizzed. 


But now it's over… Time they say is a healer, and even when you heal, there so much for the scars left behind. Life is a teacher and when it teaches you must learn to be the believer, and to believe is to know not to break.


The best love you can get in life is the one you give yourself, but the one most popular is the one that helps you break yourself… To break you is to surrender to others; and "if the jar is not theirs it will never be kept full".


Whatever breaks you;are the only force that can make you. Have faith but accept fate knowing that someday all that you sincerely crave for will come face-to-face, but now that it breaks, let it break but don't break yourself!


The world hasn't lost its last beauty, the beautiful ones are still lurking!


Monday, September 01, 2014


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Pinterest is more effective at driving sales than other forms of
social media. Essentially the platform is capable of displaying
interesting and captivating images of goods, services, places, events
and products in sequences.

BUSINESS PAGES - Pinterest also allows businesses to create pages
aimed at promoting their companies online. With a Pinterest page
companies can share images and videos of their events, products and

SOCIAL E-COMMERCE - Pinterest pages can serve as a "virtual store"
where other users can pin and re-pin goods they are interested in, it
could be cloths, accesories, merchandise or services. Due to the
social dynamism of pinterest people tend to decide faster on spending
on an interest than on major e-Commerce sites and facebook.

RICH PINS - This is a tool. That enhances the customer experience when
browsing through pins made by companies. Business pages can include
various data, topics and information such as prices of products,
ratings of movies or ingredients for recipes.

DATA AND PLANNING FOR MARKETING - Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest
lets marketers access the data collected on its users. Technology
providers including Hootsuite, Spredfast, Percolate, and Tailwind are
some of the only Analytic platforms granted access to the data. By
granting access to users data, Pinterest lets marketers investigate
how people respond to products. If a product has a high number of
repins, this generally tells the producer of the product that it is
well liked by many members of the Pinterest community.

VIRTUAL ADVERTISING - Even without paying for a custom ad or a
priortized one pinterest show's to ensure a world of virtual
advertising with the image and visual based community engagements.
Brands taking advantage of the pinterest platform could easily find
engagements easy if it's content are rich enough to generate pins and

This Article was written by:
Iyoha Ben Ehimen (Social Media Strategist)

Founder and Moderator
@SocialAd'ict - IG, Twitter, Facebook
DL: 08020681186

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PINTEREST is a social media platform that leverages on visuals (Images
and Video) to collect ideas of basic interest and also to carry out
projects. The social platform was founded by the trio of Ben
Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp.

Basically, I call it "Pin your interest" because it characteristically
allows you to pin visuals; this means users can save individual pins
of interest to one of their own boards using the "Pin It" button.


BOARDS - Users can use their boards to create and share collections.

PINS - This is a visual bookmark of still images and videos.

PIN IT BUTTON - Users can browse the content of others on the main
page, they can then save individual pins to one of their own boards
using the "Pin It button"

PINBOARDS - Typically organized by a central topic or theme. Users can
personalize their experience with Pinterest by pinning items, creating
boards, and interacting with other members.

RE-PINS - It's when a user re-posts or re-pins an image to their own
board, they have the option of notifying their Facebook and Twitter

PIN FEEDS - Displays the chronological activity from the Pinterest
boards that a user follows.

TASKMAKERS PAGE - Recommends pinboards with content similar to
previous pins saved by a user.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Introducing.... The Youtube Masthead!

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The YouTube Desktop Custom Masthead is a 970x250 pixel in-page unit running the full width of the YouTube homepage below the navigation bar for 24 hours. There is also an expandable version that expands on the user click to 970x500 pixels. See the custom masthead guide in the YouTube Help Center for more information.

This guide explains everything you need to know about the process of launching a YouTube masthead.

- Masthead process overview -

From kickoff call to launch, all mastheads follow these seven steps:

Step 1: Kickoff call
Step 2: Asset delivery or QA submission
Step 3: Production and QA
Step 4: Revisions and final approval
Step 5: Trafficking
Step 6: YouTube blackout period
Step 7: Launch!

- Use video in a masthead -

We strongly recommend that you include video in a YouTube masthead, although it isn't required. You can add a video using DoubleClick Studio's Video Player components or the YouTube Video Player component. We recommend the second option when you directly add a YouTube video to the creative.

YouTube Video Player

This is an AS3-only component that lets you embed a YouTube video directly in the creative. For additional creative flexibility, it lets you set the video player as chromeless so that YouTube video controls are hidden.

There are two key benefits to the YouTube Video Player:

It helps you save file load size. The YouTube Video Player doesn't add to your YouTube file size limits as would an FLV in the Video Player component. Instead, it transfers the weight of the video from the creative to YouTube, allowing for videos with higher quality and resolution in the masthead. This leaves you more room for additional Flash animations and interactions.

It increases user engagement. Using YouTube videos and adding links to your watch page from the masthead help increase brand interaction on YouTube and viral public views.

Social Media... The CIO and The CMO Engagements!

Social media may have landed in marketing, but it's increasingly the chief information officer (CIO) that's being looked to for answers to the question

Social media - the photos, videos, posts, and comments generated through the use of collaborative software and shared within and across networks of connected individuals - is now a factor in many businesses. This impacts marketing to be sure: comments, ratings and reviews, and customer's own stories about their experiences with brands, products, and services are a measurable and manageable driver of purchases. More recently, chief operating officers and senior customer care executives have gotten pulled in as well: cost reductions through shedding customer calls to social channels, for example, have gotten attention as important factors leading to improved results.

The CIO and Social Technology
All of this means the chief information officer (CIO) - long seen as the source of technology and supporting enterprise tools - is being looked to as a key team member charged with sorting out his or her firm's digital platform and strategy.

This new platform is expansive: providing secure and controlled access to social channels in use by the firm's customers - linking "social" customer care agents with customers in the context of the channels preferred by those customers - as well as ensuring that compliance officers and data analysts have what they need to keep track of, and measure the impact of, social media as it relates to the business and its objectives.

"It's time for CMOs and CIOs to start forging true, strategic partnerships, so both marketing and IT can begin sharing ownership of both goals and outcomes...the business landscape has shifted, and it's no longer marketing that drives business growth - it's digital marketing that drives business growth. CMOs and CIOs alike must recognize that technology and marketing are now inextricably tied." - Forbes, 2014

That's a tall order. It means that the savvy CIO needs to come up to speed quickly on social technology as it relates to business. More than Facebook "likes" and sponsored posts, this means having a response policy for customers who expect contemporary brands to engage with them on the channels of their choosing.

It also means protecting the firm from attack via these channels, and from errant statements by otherwise well-meaning employees when responding on public and social channels. Finally, it means CIOs are in a budgeting race with chief marketing officers (CMOs) as both reach for the same end: control of the social customer experience.

Social customer experience - the touch points where businesses and customers interact and thereby create visible conversation on social channels - requires management just as any other aspect of customer experience.

This means deploying a well-defined, strategically based technology platform that is both under the control of the firm, and, accessible and acceptable for use by customers as a place to interact with each other and with the firm. This may be a directly owned channel - a branded support site where customers work together to develop innovative solutions - or it may be indirect, picking questions off of Twitter and routing them internally for timely response.

What's Next?
This all means data, and lots of it. Executive dashboards - a long-standing province of the CIO - must reflect what is happening, what is being learnt, which SLAs around interactions are being met or missed, and all in real-time. This last requirement alone - and it is hardly alone - is enough to warrant attention by CIOs as social media makes its presence felt across the enterprise. The good news? With challenge comes opportunity for CIOs. Just as CMOs are redefining their role, CIOs have the same opportunity.

CIOs, along with CMOs and the senior ops teams, will all find increasing opportunity through collaboration and the design and realization of an effective digital platform: this new platform will span the needs of marketing, customer care, compliance, and data analytics teams. The result is a strategically sound approach to digital media, based in business objectives and held to the same standards as competing business investments. And the CIO is central to the success of this effort.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

ALERT: Tips To Help Avoid Ebola Virus + Signs & Symptoms Of the Epidemic

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Prevention efforts focus on avoiding contact with the viruses. The following precautions can help prevent infection and spread of Ebola and Marburg.


Before traveling to Africa, find out about any current epidemics by checking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.


As with other infectious diseases, one of the most important preventive measures for Ebola virus and Marburg virus is frequent hand-washing. Use soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60 percent alcohol when soap and water aren't available.


In developing countries, wild animals, including nonhuman primates, are sold in local markets. Avoid buying or eating any of these animals.


In particular, caregivers should avoid contact with the person's body fluids and tissues, including blood, semen, vaginal secretions and saliva. People with Ebola or Marburg are most contagious in the later stages of the disease.


If you're a health care worker, wear protective clothing — such as gloves, masks, gowns and eye shields. Keep infected people isolated from others. Carefully disinfect and dispose of needles and other instruments. Injection needles and syringes should not be reused.


The bodies of people who have died of Ebola or Marburg disease are still contagious. Specially organized and trained teams should bury the remains, using appropriate safety equipment.
Vaccine development

Scientists are working on a variety of vaccines that would protect people from Ebola or Marburg viruses. Some of the results have been promising, but further testing is needed.


You can get Ebola by coming into contact with the blood or body fluids of an animal or person who is infected.

People often get sick with Ebola when they care for or bury a person who has the disease. Someone also can catch the virus by touching contaminated needles or surfaces.


Symptoms of the Ebola virus show up 2 to 21 days after someone is infected. As the virus spreads through the body's cells, it damages the immune system and organs. Ultimately, Ebola causes levels of blood-clotting cells, called platelets, to fall, which can lead to severe bleeding.

Many of the early symptoms of Ebola look like the flu or other mild illnesses. They include:



Muscle aches

Sore throat



As the disease gets worse, people who are infected may develop:

Bleeding inside and outside of the body


Trouble breathing


Sometimes it's hard to tell if a person has Ebola from the symptoms alone.

Doctors may first test for other diseases that have the same symptoms as Ebola, such as:

Typhoid fever

Tests of the blood and tissues, such as the ELISA test, also can help diagnose Ebola.


If someone might have Ebola, they should be isolated from the public immediately to help prevent the spread of Ebola.


Right now there is no real treatment or cure for Ebola. Doctors try to manage people's symptoms by giving them:

Fluids and electrolytes through a vein


There is no vaccine to prevent Ebola. People can avoid catching the disease by not traveling to areas where the virus is found.

Health care workers can prevent infection by wearing masks, gloves, and goggles whenever they come into contact with people who may have Ebola.


Usually an outbreak starts when someone comes into contact with the body fluids or waste of infected animals, such as monkeys, chimps, or fruit bats. Once a person is infected, he or she can then spread it to others.


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For Deejay's... Learn everything about scratch in one hour!!!

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The cut scratch is also known as a release, chop or stab (sometimes even 'sampling' when done at a basic level), and involves both hands. The record is released (the scratching hand lets the motor take control) whilst the fader is open to let the sound out the speakers, and then the fader is closed whilst the record is rewound back to the start of the sample. If this scratch is to be performed fast rhythmically, the scratching hand must gently push the sound forward to let it catch up to speed quickly (especially true with very slippy slipmats). The terms chop or stab generally refer to much faster cues of the sound than just a plain cut.


An example of notated tear scratches
A tear is a more complex version of the baby scratch; the fader is always open but the record movement is altered so that on either the forwards or backwards movement has a short stop in it where the record comes to rest very briefly. This creates three specific sounds/notes.


An example of notated chirp scratches
A chirp is a fast scratch that if done right and fast enough can sound like a bird chirping. It involves doing a fast baby scratch and only opening the fader on the middle parts of the scratch, closing the fader whilst it changes direction.


An example of notated uzi scratches
The uzi scratch is essentially a very, very fast scribble scratch over a very small amount of the record; it requires muscle tension in the scratching hand to produce the very quick movements required.


The transform is essentially a technique done with the fader where the sound is cut in/out at a quite fast pace (e.g. at eighth notes).  The record manipulation varies and can be anything, but the sound needs to stuttered/cut, and the fader is never open when the needle changes direction.  It is most easily achieved with a baby scratch and the fader cuts the movement section twice in each direction.  The scratch got its name because a beholder listened in and commented that it sounded like the Transformers cartoon, as the robots transformed from their vehicular states into robot states. It was first created by DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money.


An example of notated flare scratches
A flare is like a transformer, but it is when occurs on the open fader. The closed fader, or click, comes in between the change of direction. Multiple clicks can occur in thssccis part, making it a 2-click, 3-click flare, etc. The scratch gets its name from its inventor, DJ Flare.


An example of notated twiddle scratches
A twiddle is a scratch where the index and middle finger on the fader hand are used in conjunction with the thumb to create the cutoffs, or clicks, in the sound. The record hand may perform a number of movements, and the clicks may be placed in a number of places relative to the record movement, so both flares and transforms can be performed with twiddling. Alternatively, any two fingers can be used by the turntablist if more comfortable.


Eight-finger crab
An example of notated eight finger crab scratches
An eight finger crab is one where the record hand is taken off and used to manipulate the fader as well as the fader hand, creating more clicks in one movement. It means that no control is on the record, thus a constant long sound is often used with this scratch.


An example of a notated tweak scratch
The tweak scratch is a complex, more melodic based scratch, in which the record is set spinning with the motor off and the fader open, and its speed is tweaked as it rotates. This allows its pitch to be changed up and down, creating a sort of melody and odd sound. Extra techniques like vibrato can be added to widen the palette of sounds that can be achieved. This is most often played with long sounds or continuous tones on the record.


A laser, also spelled lazer, is a scratch done by hitting the record along with the record control hand, creating (with most samples) a characteristic sound effect not unlike a laser in an old video game such as space invaders, hence why it has this name. The laser is typically performed via a number of hits both backwards and forwards, and can be done with both hands (to push the record in direction) to make a faster sound.

The laser is obviously hard to notate in plain TTM as it was originally released, and so the TTM standard was extended by DJ Skar of easy-fader to include the ability to notate the laser move. It is notated in the mixer line with an upwards pointing triangle and brackets to indicate the duration of which the score is to be performed by laser-ing.


A phaser, also spelled phazer, is an extension of the laser technique that makes it completely faderless, whereby the record is held by a second hand whilst the first hand performs the hits on the record. It means the sound comes to a complete stop faster, giving a different sound.

As with the laser, it was hard to notate until DJ Skar extended the TTM format; a phaser is


A hydroplane is a faderless scratch done by using the fader hand on the record to provide an extra force against the direction of movement. This causes the sound to be 'chopped up' kind of like a hydroplane boat; it is a hard technique to describe. The record hand typically moves the record in a single direction whilst the hydroplaning occurs, as this is easiest.

To notate the hydroplane, we must use a third symbol added by DJ Skar; two triangles, one pointing up and the other down, together on the mixer line with brackets to indicate the duration.


Many many other scratches do exist, but as many of these are variants or combinations of the above basic techniques, these are described on the variant scratch page. Please check there before adding any scratches here.



An orbit is a scratch repeated the same forwards and then backwards; most often applied to the flare scratch as due to the nature in which the change of direction occurs on an open fader, and so turning back and repeating the clicks backwards makes a 'complete-sounding' scratch.


The name 'click' refers to the clicking sound a fader makes when closed, and thus a click is a point in which the fader has been closed very quickly. A scratch can be referred to with the number of clicks it contains: a two-click Flare, for example, has two closes of the fader in the one forwards motion.

(Phantom click)

A phantom click refers to the drop in sound generated by changing direction of movement on the record without moving the fader to the off point. The phantom click is most often pointed out in the context of the flare scratch which uses this point to create extra audible hits and thus makes the scratch 'faster'. The phantom click is the place where an open fader mark should be placed.

(Open fader)

An point marked as having an open fader is essentially one where the fader is left open so that the turntable sound comes through; the opposite of a click. The open fader mark is applied in TTM and can be placed on a score for a number of reasons, most often where a phantom click is perceived or a pattern that would be expected to have a click does not.


A drag is a scratch performed by moving the record very slowly, thus the sample is played back at a low pitch. Drags can be used to modify any number of scratches, for example a "transform drag", but typically when a drag is mentioned on its own it means a drag release, or cut, scratch. On TTM the line appears to very gradual for a drag, indicating the low pitch.


Vibrato is terminology borrowed from other, more traditional musical instruments; it is the effect of 'wobbling' the pitch around the main pitch that is being played. On the turntable, this can be achieved either by record control or by using the pitch control if the motor is on. The pitch control may be 'stiff' or slow and thus hard to manipulate on certain turntables.


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